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Economy, Ecology, Quality : Ecoprint System's Winning Combination

Welcome to Ecoprint System.

Economy : Regenerated Cartridge reduces your Printing Cost
With rising cost haunting us everyday, we tend to seek products with a lower price. At Ecoprint System, we can achieve this. While major sectors of our Malaysian industry are facing high expenses, they tend to pass the cost towards end users. We at Ecoprint System are helping end users and you to save a huge amount of money towards regeneration. Regenerated cartridges cost about half the price of a new one.
Ecology : Regenerations reduce Wastage, Saves the Environment
All worn-out cartridge are considered special waste and it must be destroyed using special & costly techniques. It has been proven that a single cartridge takes approximately 300 years to biodegrade. Therefore, regenerating the worn out cartridge drastically reduces this special wastage & contributes greatly to save our environment. The Malaysian Government has recently emphasized us to Reduce, Recycle & Reuse (3R) towards the amount of waste we throw away everyday. Therefore, let us Ecoprint System help you to uphold our goals towards saving our environment for our future generations.
Quality : We guarantee the SUCCESS of Our Product
We all want good quality printout that saves us money at the same time. Cartridge regenerated by Ecoprint System are thoroughly checked one by one. As a result, all of its regenerated cartridges has the same printing guarantee as a new one. Ecoprint System uses the best machine, pigment, raw materials & spare parts that exist today. Printer Cartridges regenerated by Ecoprint System does not fear comparison with its rival.

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